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 The Shell Game 1

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PostSubject: The Shell Game 1   Fri Jun 29, 2007 2:34 am

The Shell Game 1


Tse Yin as Law Sai Hoi
Liza Wang as Tam Siu Tong
Simon Yam as Tam Sing
Kwok Fung as Hong Pao

"The Shell Game1" is set in a gangster-type scenario, situated in Guangdong. Law
Sai Hoi (Tse Yin) is the reputed owner of several casinos and is also
acclaimed as the "God Eyes of the South", a sobriquet in honor of his
keen eyes that has won him many games. After some funny
misunderstandings and exchanges between Law and Tam Sing (Simon Yam),
Law accepts Tam Sing as his disciple, promising to teach him his trade
in deception. At the same time, a charming romance is also budding
between Law and Tam Siu Tong (Lisa Wang), Tam Sing's elder sister who
is an opera star. Trouble begins stir when Hong Pao (Kwok Fung), son of
Law's rival, plots to rid of Law--he just can't stand Law's cockiness.
However, after failing miserably in several attempts, Hong Pao and
his father seeks the aid of another legendary figure in gambling,
Chuert Yut Fu (Yueng Kwan). Like Jin Yong's stories, a southern great
is always countered at the other axis. Chuert is titled as "The
Thousand Hands of the North" and the big battle begins. The clash
between Law and Chuert ends up tragically--both were actually deceived
and were part of a bigger plot. Leaving Guangdong and swearing
vengeance, Chuert and Law decide to teach all their skills to one
fellow--Tam Sing--in the hopes that their combined powers would bring

The story line after this point towards the near ending just breaks.
Logic and common sense is defied because the first and foremost
question is, if Law Sai Hoi and Chuert Yut Fu are such master
strategists, how in the world did they get duped so easily? The series
answers this in a somewhat unsatisfactory way, that both gave way to
passion and human emotions such as mercy and love but one just can't
help tacking the extra, "Still!" Which leads to another breaking point;
Tam Sing is taught by Chuert that he must rid himself of all such
feelings of mercy. His character takes a turn from being a cheerful and
funny person to a cold and calculating personality. "Shell" just failed
to show the transition convincingly enough. The experiences in Tam's
life is insufficient to account for such a sudden change--one don't
just "learn" it.

Another irrational factor is the main villain (whose name I don't
want to reveal), whose "powers" are not even so great. It is so hard to
believe that the villain could manipulate everyone at such a whim. Tam
Sing learned techniques from two of the best gambling figures but at
the end, he does not even use them! It was like we say in a Chinese
proverb, using a bull's ax to slay a chicken. His training included
sitting outside in the hot sun for eight hours straight to develop his
tolerance (Kids, do not try this at home!). This was all for naught for
such a weak opponent. (P.S. Kidnapping and ransom is not exactly my
idea of a great strategy that requires any special training.)

Aside from these faults though, "Shell" is definitely the classic
that it is reputed to be by nostalgic fans. The series is at times
funny, at instances sad, sometimes happy, exciting throughout and full
of memorable scenes. Tse Yeen has earned his place in this role as Law
Sai Hoi, as his charm shines through. His romance with Lisa Wang is
also endearing--Lisa Wang being at her best. Simon Yam also played his
role well, portraying both the playful and later matured Tam Sing at

Other characters such as those played by Shuet Lei (Michelle Mai's
younger sister) and the actress playing Chuert Ling (actress who played
Ying Goo in "Legend of the Condor Heroes 83") were pretty good picks.
Shuet Lei played the innocence well while Chuert Ling's character was
also brought to life. Kong Fung as a sub-villain is also well-defined.
It is a role that Kong Fung is brilliant at, bringing out the
ruthlessness and darkness of such anti-heroes.

The very ending of "Shell Game 1" (after the villain dies) is the redeeming
factor that deserved the extra half a star. Tam Sing is made to choose
between the love of his life and being the King of Deception. His
choice was both unexpected and pretty neat. Exactly that cynical but
coldly realistic taste is left in the viewer's mouth.

summary from

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Ying Min

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PostSubject: Re: The Shell Game 1   Fri Dec 12, 2008 1:13 am

the first part 1
liza act as a opera lady

the second part 2
liza act as reporter

which one do you all like
liza in the drama?
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The Shell Game 1
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