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 Liza Wang and Law Ka Ying got married on May 2nd in the U.S

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PostSubject: Liza Wang and Law Ka Ying got married on May 2nd in the U.S   Sat Jun 27, 2009 10:39 pm

Source: Wenweipo, The Sun, Takungpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Liza Wang and Law Ka Ying got married on May 2nd in the U.S

for almost 20 years, Liza Wang and Law Ka Ying was asked numerous times
when they will get married. Yesterday, the couple finally announced the
good news! Turns out that the two had already registered for marriage
in the U.S on May 2nd (Lunar Calender - 4/28) . Yesterday afternoon,
Liza also personally phoned TVB General Manager Stephen Chan revealing
the good news. Afterwards everyone in the entertainment circle was
aware of the good news. Liza also emailed TVB for them to spread the
word to the Media.

Yesterday the TVB Executive Tsang Sing Ming
announced the good news to the Media on behalf of Liza. As Liza is part
of TVB, he deliberately used TVB's name to announce to the world.

suddenly revealed the good news about getting marry. No matter if its
in the entertainment industry or out, everyone is happy for the couple.

Lee See Kei expressed: "I'm very happy, it was so
sudden, she didn't mention it before, is it because she wanted to give
us a surprise? (Will you call Liza?) Looking at the situation, let her
come back first."

Myolie Wu did not know before that
Liza wanted to get marry, but felt that Liza and Law Ka Ying should get
marry because they have been dating for so many years. Also she is very
happy for them, but she won't call them because she wants to wait until
Liza comes back first before treating her to a meal. Myolie said:
"Earlier when Liza was performing in a theatre show, I felt that she
has gotten thinner, is it because she's preparing to wear the wedding
gown? Her tone on stage seems to reveal her desire, maybe it had to do
with marriage." Liza's good friend Carol Cheng could not help
it but to phone Liza, who is currently in the U.S to congraluate her,
Carol said: "I'm very happy, Liza is also very happy! (What gift will
you send her?) I will see what she likes first!"

Fourth brother, Patrick Tse
expressed: "Of course I congratulate them! I always hoped that they
could get marry soon, they have been together long enough, they were
just missing the marriage contract, now its all good! Law Ka Ying is a
good husband, they are really matching together, Congrats!" Deborah Lai
accepted an interview from reporters over the phone and based on her
tone, she seem very excited: "I'm so happy! Congrats to them, 100 years
compatible, always with the same heart, loving each other! (Did you
know that they were getting married before?) Nope. (What kind of gift
you plan to give them?) I need to discuss it with my daughter Jennifer
Tse, I want to give them something special. (Does Nicholas Tse know
about the good news?) He doesn't know yet because he's not in HK right

Lee Heung Kam also congratulated Liza and Law Ka
Ying when she heard about the great news. Asked if she felt it was
surprising? She said: "Chinese people are rather secretive. After
marriage, they will have a partner to spend with. (What gift do you
plan to give them?) I will see how they plan to celebrate first."

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Liza Wang and Law Ka Ying got married on May 2nd in the U.S
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