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 Liza Wang: "I am older and able to withstand it"

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PostSubject: Liza Wang: "I am older and able to withstand it"   Sat Jun 27, 2009 4:09 pm

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Liza Wang: "I am older and able to withstand it"

Wang, Denise Ho, Chapman To and Ron Ng attended the blessing ceremony
for new sitcom "Queen of the Office". Recently there were rumors that
Chapman To who is filming TVB series for the first time is worried that
the filming process will be difficult, so he requested that they only
shoot for 12 hours a day. Liza who is also part of the cast expressed:
"I'm not sure, I just know that there is one location where there's no
Chapman, I don't have any requests myself. Each day the schedule is
pretty tight though. (Will you have any requests?) Filming series is
almost the same every time, not too tiring, if it really gets too much
for me I will say something. Maybe because he's just a guest star, I am
older so I can handle it." This is the first time Liza, Chapman and
Denise are working together in a series, because the other two are
newcomers in television, Liza praises their physique, they both have
good qualities for a comedy.

Denise sweet talks
As for the
rumors of a 12 hour work day, Chapman does not deny, he stresses that
the work hours and the pay amount is negotiated by his management, he
will only happily work on filming and the script. He said: "I quite
enjoy working, actually don't talk about other things. Nowadays my
health is really not as good as before, I am older now, after I finish
filming, I go home and feel tired. (Liza said that she's older and is
able to handle it?) This is Liza's ability. I admire her for her
ablities which is why I accepted to be in this series."

only expressed that she has not filmed a series for many years, but she
doesn't feel its difficult. Instead she described filming being very
comfortable, each day is like a play day. Speaking of Liza's high
expectations on work, Denise sweet talks and said: "We look familar to
each other, looking at our fortunes, we have fate to be mother and
daughter. People say that Liza is really strict, I don't feel so, she
really cares for us. She would usually make soup for me to drink."

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Liza Wang: "I am older and able to withstand it"
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