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 WRTL - Joke

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PostSubject: WRTL - Joke   Sun Apr 06, 2008 1:43 am

When Rules Turn Loose - Fan Fic
Liza (Sun Man Yee) and Ha Yu went on trip. Ha Yu died during the trip.
Liza brought his remains to HK for the funeral.
During the funeral, Liza received a text message from an unknown person. After reading the message, Liza was really shocked. Her 2 daughters, Natalie and Yat Sun asked her what happened. She handed then the phone to them to read the message. They were also stunned. Dick and Raymond came to see what happapened. Raymond took the phone and read out.

"Dear wife,
I am well arrived. The place is magnific. The air is fresh and pure. The sand is white, the water is warm. The vegetation is green. The trees are tall and covered by beautiful flowers. I have been to many places, but none of those places can compare to this one. It's a paradise. I met 2 little girls. They look cute like our 2 beloved daughters when they were young.
Dear wife, I really miss you. Hope you can join me soon.
Your beloved husband"

Few seconds later, she received a new text message:
"I am fascinating the landscape right now. Dear wife, hope you can join me soon. I really want you to see this splendid place."

Liza took the phone and replied: "I will join you soon. Please tell me how I can get you there?"
Replied message: "Take the plane, honey. I will wait for you at the airport."

Liza: "Ahh???" Surprised

She received another message right after:
"I am sorry, I have been sending messages to the wrong number. I wanted to send message to my wife who's supposed to join me on trip."

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WRTL - Joke
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