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 [Feb 28, 2008]Sexy performance in Toronto

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PostSubject: [Feb 28, 2008]Sexy performance in Toronto   Fri Feb 29, 2008 2:25 am

Translate by Shirley and Gfun

Liza Wang recently went to australia and thereafter to Canada and US
for concert. Because of the big difference in the weather between the 2
continents, she fell sick.
In order not to miss her performance, she took both chinese and western medicine, luckily the concern was completed smoothly.
During this trip Liza and her boyfriend, Law Kar Ying strolled on the snow and made it romantic

In her "Chuen Sum Chuen Yi Ying Chun, concert 2008" in Toronto, Liza Wang
invites Law Kar Ying and Myolie Wu as guests. Sneaky Law Kar Ying,
answers back to Liza on stage and sings "Ngo Heung Nei Kau Fun - I
propose to you" and scares Ah Jie away, letting her run backstage not
paying attention to him.
Law Kar Ying teaches all the men which
are present, how to love their wives and partners,he laughs and says:
"Behind the successful woman's man", later on Ah Jie appears back on
stage, dressed up very sexy and performing "Enchanting Pink lady" and
Hot Coffee, and the blood boiling sounds upon the audience. Also, Ah
Jie and Myolie Wu partner up and sing "Tim Muhg Muhg - Sweet"

When and how I start to love Liza: At The Threshold Of An Era (2000)
Favorite drama: ATE, WOIL, WOIL2, AMOC
Favorite characters: Liza Fong, Sis O, Suek Lan, Liu Fok Ming
Favorite on screen couple: Liza and Sek in WOIL

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[Feb 28, 2008]Sexy performance in Toronto
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