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 Liza Wang And Myolie Wu At New Year Races

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PostSubject: Liza Wang And Myolie Wu At New Year Races   Sun Feb 10, 2008 8:31 pm

Liza Wang And Myolie Wu At New Year Races
9 February 2008

By Emma Lam

Shatin Racecourse
held its annual Chinese New Year race day today and the opening
ceremony was attended by a number of special guests including Liza Wang
(汪明荃), Myolie Wu (胡杏兒).

Liza was very popular with the racegoers and many people approached her for an autograph.

At the ceremony, Liza and Myolie roused the atmosphere by singing some
new year songs as well as handing out plenty of lucky packets to the
press. They both revealed that this was their first visit to the
racecourse and and Liza laughed that she will have to stroke the
fortune god for some new year prosperity at the races.

Myolie said that she had just asked the racecourse executives for some tips and will be having a joint flutter with Liza.

Showing off some beautiful jade jewellery with her festive red outfit,
Liza was asked if the jewels were a gift from partner Law Ka Ying
(羅家英), she said that she had bought them herself.

Liza has not had a chance to rest over the new year period and she will
be heading to Toronto and Atlantic City with Myolie on 27 February to
take part in some stage appearances. Ka Ying will also be joining them
on the trip. When she returns, Liza will be starting to film for her
new series.

Asked if she has been to visit her good friend Lydia Sum (沈殿霞) in
hospital, Liza said that she does not wish to disturb Lydia's rest at
the moment, but has been keeping up with her condition through her

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Liza Wang And Myolie Wu At New Year Races
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